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Kinsmen Rehabilitation Centre

Who We Are
We are an interdisciplinary team comprised of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Hydrotherapy staff. The KRC is located at the Ongwanada Resource Centre and provides services to Ongwanada clients, as well as community clients on a fee-for-service basis

Occupational Therapy
Our Occupational Therapy department provides assessment, treatment, and consultation focusing on appropriate position and adaptive feeding techniques, sensory stimulation, augmentative communication, environmental controls, activities of daily living, and environmental modifications to individuals with developmental disabilities. The overall goal is to enhance the individuals social, domestic, physical and emotional well-being with maximum independence in all activities.

Our Physiotherapy department provides assessment, treatment and consultation to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our focus is on hydrotherapy, wheelchair seating, assistive mobility devices, specialized positioning equipment, prescribed exercise programs, environmental modification, and caregiver training regarding safe lifting and handling. We strive to improve independence and quality of life for people of all abilities.

Therapeutic Pool
The therapeutic pool is supervised by trained staff experienced in hydrotherapy. The pool is wheelchair accessible and kept at 36 degrees Celsius. The pool is open to all members of the public by appointment with the consent of a physician. It is of particular benefit to seniors, individuals with physical disabilities, arthritis, or pain, and persons recovering from surgery. Individuals using the pool are responsible for their own pool programs and exercises.

Snoezelen Room
The Snoezelen Room is a leisure facility designed specifically for individuals with developmental disabilities. The interactive environment stimulates the primary senses and encourages participation to the best of the individuals ability. The Snoezelen Room allows for positive contact and interaction with another person, increases motivation and functional attention, and is an environment that people of all ages and abilities can explore and enjoy.

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinics
An interdisciplinary team meets to assess the individualized seating or mobility needs of adults or children with developmental disabilities. Custom seating is available and Assistive Devices Program (ADP) funding is accessible for wheelchair and mobility devices.

Healthy Eating Clinics
Healthy eating clinics provide an opportunity to educate clients and caregivers about nutritional needs and good eating habits. Challenges faced by individual clients due to their disabilities are reviewed and addressed. The interdisciplinary team includes Ongwanada's occupational therapist, clinical dietitian, front-line caregivers, residential supervisors, registered nurse, and psychologist.

Environmental Assessment
The occupational therapist and physiotherapists provide consultation to improve the accessibility, safety, and comfort of the living and working environments of individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

Life Skills
The occupational therapist provides assessment and recommendations to improve individual ability in activities of daily living including personal care, domestic skills, leisure activities, money management, and interpersonal skills. Individualized exercise programs are also developed by the physiotherapist to meet the physical needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.


NEW Radiology Hours
Ongwanada's Radiology hours have changed! The new winter hours are 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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2016|2017 Annual Report
Keeping Vision 2020's Momentum Going

Click below to view Ongwanada's 2016-2017 Annual Report or stop by our Resource Centre to pick up a copy.

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