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Who We Are

Ongwanada has been a member of the community since 1948 and has been working in developmental services since 1967. A non-profit, accredited organization, Ongwanada, supports people with developmental disabilities, with a special focus on those with complex needs and their families so that they can lead full lives, effectively supported in their communities.

The organization offers a wide range of individualized services and community supports to hundreds of people with developmental disabilities and their families in Kingston and Eastern Ontario. Our funding comes primarily from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and we are managed by a volunteer Board of Governors.

Our programs and services are delivered at three main sites in Kingston, more than 20 community residences, and other homes, including the Southeastern Regional Transitional Treatment home and a home specifically designed for those with complex needs. In addition to residential options, additional services include, but are not limited to: Planning and Case Management, Clinical Services, Respite, Community Behavioural Services, Adult Protective Services, and Community Participation Supports.

We also maintain strong partnerships with Queen’s University and collaborate internationally in research to enhance the understanding and improve the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Support. Respect. Choices.

Mission, Vision & Values


Supporting people with developmental disabilities, with a special focus on those with complex needs and their families, so they can lead full lives effectively supported in their communities.


Working as one with supported persons, their families, service agencies, governments and partners across the region, building community capacity and specialized resources empowering those with developmental disabilities to thrive in their communities.

Taking a leadership role in the provision of person-centered clinically-focused supports and services in Eastern Ontario.

Values/ Service Principles

Following a servant-leadership philosophy, within the context of safety and responsibility to those we serve and serve with, and consistent with Ongwanada’s Code of Ethics, the organization is guided by its commitment to three core values: Support. Respect. Choices.

Accreditation Status

Ongwanada is proud to take part in an accreditation program through Accreditation Canada. As part of this ongoing quality improvement process, the organization partakes in an accreditation survey and receives a report and ranking once the process is complete.

Compliance Review

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) conducts compliance inspections of MCCSS-funded service agencies to assess whether they meet the requirements outlined in the regulation on quality assurance measures and the policy directives.

Awards & Recognition

Ongwanada is proud of its achievements and will post awards, recognition, and funding success stories in this section.

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