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Board of Directors

Ongwanada’s Board of Directors and sub-committees provide leadership and direction to the agency’s senior management team while overseeing key aspects of performance.

David Ariss


Michael Dominik

Vice Chair

Jack Thompson

Past Chair

Glen Cavanagh


Dr. Lak Chinta


Dr. Elizabeth Grier

Chief of Medical Staff

Dwight Boyce


Carol Cartier


Geoff McMullen


Kathy Pringle


Allan Twohey


Sandra Vellone


Jennifer Gilmour


Jill McCreary


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Trevor Fray


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Senior Leadership

Dr. Lak Chinta

Chief Executive Officer

2021 – 2024

Strategic Plan- A Plan for Changing Times

Ongwanada’s Board of Directors commissioned the 2021 strategic plan at the end of Vision 2020 – Ongwanada’s previous plan. This plan, providing essential direction to the organization, was developed from input provided in person, virtually, and in writing from over 200 individuals.

2021 – 2022

Operating Plan

The 2021-2022 Operating Plan is a document detailing progress and outlining activities within the fiscal year to move us toward our four strategic priorities.


Annual Reports

The organization releases an Annual Report that outlines accomplishments. Ongwanada continues to fulfill and grow its mandate as a provider of specialized supports and services to some of the region’s most vulnerable residents while upholding its core values of Support, Respect, Choices.

2021 – 2022

Code of Ethics

Ongwanada holds a special place of trust within our community. As a result, the community extends opportunities and privileges to Ongwanada who, in return, commits to the adherence of high standards of expertise and ethical conduct.

Transparency & Accountability

Fiscal Accountability

Ongwanada is committed to transparency and accountability. We support decisions that reflect the organization’s core values, guiding principles, mission, and strategic directions when allocating fiscal resources.

You’re Invited

Annual General Meeting

Members and the public are invited to join Ongwanada each year for the Annual General Meeting to review the affairs, including bylaws and highlights of the previous year.


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