How to access Ongwanada Services

How to access Ongwanada Services

How to access Ongwanada Services

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Accessing our services

Intake at Ongwanada

For Persons 18 years of age and older:

All referrals for developmental disability services are managed through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), to determine eligibility for service and complete an assessment prior to a referral to a developmental service agency, such as Ongwanada.

For Persons under the age of 18:

Please contact our Social Work Department at the telephone number 613-548-4417 ext 3311. For further details on how to access services please visit Developmental Services Ontario- South East Region

Developmental Services Ontario

How do I know if I am eligible for services and how do I apply?

Step #1

To apply for services, you must prove that you have a developmental disability, live in Ontario, and are 18 years old. You will have to show Developmental Services Ontario different documents to prove this. You must provide a psychological assessment to prove you have a developmental disability. If you do not have a psychological assessment, talk to your area DSO. They will review options with you.

If you are eligible for services, you will receive a letter in the mail confirming your eligibility and you will move onto the next step, completing the application process.

Step #2

Once you receive a letter from DSO telling you if you are eligible to receive MCCSS funded services, you will be connected to a DSO staff person in your area. The DSO staff person will set up 2 meetings with you to help you complete an application package and determine the level of support you need.

Each meeting will be about 3 hours long and you will need to have at least 2 people who know you well (e.g., parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) with you at the meetings.

Once the DSO staff person knows your needs, you will be connected to services that are available in your area.

Step #3

Once the application package has been completed and DSO confirms your eligibility, you will be linked to supports and services when resources become available.

It may take some time before you get your services and supports. In the meantime, tell your area DSO if any of your information or situation changes.

There are many different services offered across the province. Some of the services that may be available in your area include; housing supports, respite for your caregivers, support to help you take part in the community, specialized and clinical supports, Adult Protective Service Worker Program, and the Passport program.

*Content taken from DSO website:

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