Picture a volunteer who has committed to spending time with two gentlemen clients (separately) once per week, volunteering at the Foodbank with one gentleman and taking the other to Tim Horton’s for a weekly and much-loved treat. This is already an amazing volunteer success story, a dream come true for any organization. Now, picture that same volunteer who wholeheartedly supports his client friend by acting as a pallbearer at the client’s wife’s funeral. Now that is friendship, genuine and supportive friendship. 

– Anonymous

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Family Memo

Dear Ongwanada Families: I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on this past year. A lot of sacrifices have been made to keep our loved ones safe and I have no doubt that you, like me, are happy to see some of the restrictions we have been living with being...

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Memo to Families

Dear Ongwanada Families: We are happy to inform you about some changes that the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) released yesterday. Effective today, if you and your loved one are fully vaccinated, you no longer have to wear a mask during...

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