Further vaccination clinics are now open to people (12 years of age and older) with developmental disabilities. Ongwanada has been given the opportunity to host more vaccination clinics at the resource centre (191 Portsmouth Ave.,) thanks to the incredible partnership with KFL&A Public Health. 

This opportunity is also open to one caregiver. Appointments are available on Tuesday and Thursday during the last two weeks in May. 

To book an appointment click this link https://kflaph.simplybook.plus/v2/#book/location/11/category/2/service/20/count/1/provider/any/

When asked in the drop-down menu for eligibility reason, select:

congregate living or highest risk health condition 


What should I bring to the appointment?

-Health card

-Completed consent form

Print and complete this COVID-19_vaccine_screening_consent_form for each individual receiving a vaccination.

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