As we continue to roll out second vaccine doses to individuals supported by Ongwanada, an increasing number of them will become considered immune to COVID-19 (fourteen days after receiving their second dose). With their immunity comes the ability to engage in activities that, up until now, were strongly discouraged. For example, when fully vaccinated, an individual can leave the home with family members for short visits, go to restaurants with family/friends, and not isolate upon returning to the house.  Essential visitors can meet indoors but will still need to wear a mask and maintain physical distance from staff and other residents. Non-essential visitors can meet outdoors; hugs are permitted, but masks must be worn – visits must be booked in advance to keep visitor numbers low. Overnight stays are still not permitted at this stage.

Below you can see a list of low, medium, and high-risk activities in which fully vaccinated individuals can engage. We encourage activities to be restricted to both the low and medium categories.

Risk levels for visits

We thank you for our ongoing support and understanding and strongly encourage you to reach out with any questions that you may have.

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