Dear Ongwanada Families;

As I am sure you are aware, Ontario has started to implement a three step plan to ease COVID-19 restrictions across the province which includes increasing social gathering limits and reopening indoor dining, among other things.   We are currently working on a plan to ease the COVID-19 restrictions that we have had in place to allow supported individuals and their families the opportunity to take advantage of the eased restrictions while continuing to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Starting February 7, families and Passport workers can arrange a one hour visit with their loved one or supported individual inside the home or can take them out for a day trip. We do ask that these visits are scheduled ahead of time.

If you are visiting at the home we continue to require you to do a rapid antigen test and complete the visitor screening questions prior to entering. You will be required to wear appropriate PPE for the duration of your visit and refrain from using the bathroom inside the home.

If you are taking your loved one or supported individual out of the home you are still required to complete a rapid antigen test and the screening questions prior to doing so.  Additionally, we ask that you follow provincial health guidelines regarding masking and social distancing.

When individuals return from a visit, staff will ensure enhanced infection control precautions are taken to protect all residents and staff living and working inside the home.

We want to once again thank you for ongoing patience and understanding and we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have.



Alastair Lamb

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