As the fall season approaches so does respiratory infection season, including cold and flu.  The best way to protect ourselves and others from COVID and the flu is vaccines.   In order for people to stay up to date with these vaccines Ongwanada Pharmacy is offering various COVID and flu vaccine clinics over the next few months.

The first of these clinics will be held October 18th and 19th from 4pm to 6 pm by appointment only for anyone interested.  This clinic will be for COVID vaccines only; Flu vaccines will be offered at a subsequent clinic.   To be eligible for a COVID booster it has to be a minimum of 6 months since your last vaccine or confirmed COVID infection.

In order to book a time slot at this clinic please call Diane Milina at 613 548 4419 ext. 1139 between 9 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday.  Please ensure to have your Health Card number on hand when you call to book.

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